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Free Mortgage Guide: Mortgages 101

mortgages-101-cover-smOne of the great benefits that come with the many financing options available today is the ability to finally buy the home of your dreams and achieve wealth through homeownership.

However, diverse product choices and homeownership are not the only considerations.

That’s where this dead simple free mortgage guide comes in.

Mortgage Calculator Tools

Want to quickly get a rough idea about the level of financing you going to need? How about determining what your monthly payment schedule might look like?

Check out our mortgage calculators.

Mortgage Application Video Tutorial

Mortgage application questions? No problem. Our step-by-step application video tutorial will explain exactly how to fill an application making sure you don’t leave anything out.

Watch the mortgage application video tutorial now.

Looking for a Toronto Mortgage Broker?

If you’re looking for a Toronto Mortgage Broker to help you get pre-approved for new financing to buy your first place, or if you’re looking to re-finance, I’m committed to providing an experience you would be happy to tell your friends about.

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Free Email Course: Zero to Mortgage Pre-Approval

Want to know exactly what’s involved in the pre-approval process? I’ve developed a free email course that spells out step-by-step what pre-approval is all about and what you need to do.

The lessons are delivered by email and some of the things you’ll discover are:

  • exactly which documents you need to organize
  • why real estate agents require pre-approval
  • tips on how to get the most out of open houses

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